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Welcome.  We've received your notification to sign up.  We look forward to partnering with you to offer custom on demand jewelry for your customers.

If we aren't already connected add me on skype:  kerrylpatrick and add my staff:  seemsolutions .


If you don't have them, get free mockups here:

Ken will be releasing his pack soon, again we have no financial connection to that project, so you can use his if you want.  But these ugly ones can still sell while you wait.  One member in testing has done about 200 already using the free mock ups.  We will create some better looking free templates, but they still won't be the level of Ken's.  Gearbubble has sold $1.6 million in jewelry with basic mockups. And you are welcome to create your own.

TIP:  We know many people want to show their mockup in their ad with full jewelry surface coverage so the text etc can be seen as large as possible. We understand you only have a split second to catch their attention and especially on mobile, the larger the better. Please note that the actual piece requires a safe zone during production and you may want to be clear with your customer's that this is a "mockup representation".

WARNING  We will not refund/replace for sellers whose customers felt the mockup misrepresented the product size/shape.  If you have questions about your mockups, reach out to user: kerrylpatrick on Skype.  


See the bottom of this page:

for information on artwork requirements.  


Email us every SKU you create so we can add to our system.


We can sync your orders to our fulfillment software if you are selling on Shopify, Woocommerce and some other platforms.  This will allow you to not send CSV files everyday.  Let us know if you'd like that option.


For formatting go here: 

Right now based on the need for our fulfillment software to have order numbers, you will need to change the product from "Order Type Daily" to "Individal Order".  You can then make the proper adjustments for the formatting.  Our fulfillment software requires order numbers which TrexWP doesn't produce.  You will need to add a column to your spreadsheet with any random numbers for it to use as long as they are different.  We are working on a more automated sync with TrexWP.  And I'll look at creating a video to show how this is done.  We can also help you the first time or two if need be.


If it is our fault (bad quality, wrong item sent), first offer them a replacement which we'll do at no cost to you.  If they only want a refund, we can process you a refund for your price.  Bottom Line:  We are fine and pleased to accept responsibility for mistakes we made.  

If it is your fault (wrong art sent, poorly formatted art etc), we can replace at the normal costs charged to you.  

If it is your customer's fault (mispelled personalization or entered bad address), we'll resend returned packages for $3.  We'll redo mispelled pesonalization at normal cost charged to you.  You can decide how you want to deal with your customer.


If your artwork design is done, you've sent us your SKUs and you've sent us a test order (via fulfillment api for shopify/woocommerce etc or via CSV for Trex etc) you are good to go.

This sums most of it up.  Let me know if you have any questions.